Photograph: Afro Xylanthé

Afro Xylanthé writes. She was born and raised in Greece, issue of a Congolese mother and a Greek father. She studied biology in Belgium, where she lived for four years. Once, while travelling with the infamous Belgian railway, Afro found herself isolated without any means of communication. In that forgotten train station, her sole company was Théophile Gautier. At that moment, Afro decided she wanted to be that friend for others. Since the completion of her Arts and Culture degree in the Netherlands, Afro Xylanthé is constantly surrounded by books, which she is sure to one day finish. Afro currently lives in the Netherlands.

Contact: afro_xylanthe[@]

Also known as: Afro Xylanthe, Afro Xylanthē, Afro Xylanthi,

Άφρο Ξυλάνθη.