Reading groups

“Have you read this book?” quite often turned into endless discussions between Afro Xylanthé and curator Yasmine Ostendorf. Different interpretations of the same texts led them to form monthly reading groups, where, together with other bibliophiles, they would discuss various topics. 

Some of the reading groups include the following: Religion and magic (with texts Technic and Magic by Federico Campagna and Shamanism + Cyberspace by Mina Cheong),
Freedom versus liberation (Excursion To The Mountains by Franz Kafka, Black Is A Color by Raymond Saunders, First Sorrow by Franz Kafka, N.Y. Times Review by James R. Mellow, Stranger In The Village by James Baldwin), and Storytelling and Fairytales (Shadow and Evil in Fairytales by Marie-Louise von Franz, Why Fairy Tales Stick by Jack Zipes, Vasilissa the Beautiful and the Baba-Yaga).

As they say, all good things come to an end and so did the collaboration with Yasmine. However, with renewed energy and inspiration, the reading groups will continue. For more information, send Afro Xylanthé an e-mail.

Illustration: Elisa de la Serna Gallego