Coming soon: Disruptions [Greek edition]. Image: How to become a bird by Harrie Liveart.

With disruptions in its core, the short-story collection, Μη μου τα τετράγωνα τάραττε, plays with structures and content, alternates the classic with the experimental short-story and merrily meanders in a hybrid labyrinth.

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Oceanic imaginaries

Afro Xylanthé edited C.P.R.’s publication “Oceanic imaginaries”.
This publication focuses on the oceans as entities that feel, remember, and connect. In an ecological sense, the oceans are critical zones that demand a shift in our thinking and actions. They are places that harbour suppressed stories, but can also be experienced as spaces of transformation and liberation in which new identities and relationships emerge.



Resilient Bodies: Strategies for Fluid Embodiments

Afro Xylanthé edited C.P.R.’s publication “Resilient Bodies: Strategies for Fluid Embodiments”. This publication deals with different experiences and manifestations of the body: (dis)embodiments in art and life.

Through the current global circumstances, we are not only dealing with (our) viral bodies, vulnerable bodies, and lonely bodies; in attempts to continue life, we manifest ourselves nonstop behind our screens as virtual bodies and data bodies. This creates new life forms, but also more techniques to be controlled, excluded, and manipulated. For much longer we have been dealing with social and political differentiations that are made between bodies that matter and those that would matter less. All over the world, protest is embodied by people assembling and allying in resistance.

What are experimental and emancipating strategies and practices for fluid embodiments? How can we form resistant collective bodies without losing our own subjectivity and fleshy "matter"? How can we think about this from art practice and theory?


Margaret van Eyck

The publication “Margaret van Eyck—Renaming an Institution, a Case Study (Volume Two: Comments, Contexts, and Connections)” is the second of a two-volume endeavour documenting Margaret van Eyck, an ongoing, collaborative research project at the intersection of feminist intervention, institutional critique, and the politics of (re-)naming, initiated by book designer, editor, and researcher Hagen Verleger. Afro Xylanthé contributed with her story Dubitable Advice.